2 Disney Visitors Injured Getting off and on Rides at Magic Kingdom


The most interesting part of this article for me is the last line, “The parks report the incidents as part of a deal they made to avoid state inspections.” Not sure that’s a good thing.

From the Orlando Sentinel:

“A 69-year-old man fell and fractured his hip while climbing off the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel at the Magic Kingdom Jan. 30, the report said.

Will Disney World Take a Hit After Its Stroller Ban?


I don’t think it will make any difference at all. None.

From The Motley Fool:

Disney World Is Using Pricing to Spread out Its Crowds


I’d probably be happy to pay more for less crowds. Some of the best times we’ve had were during the Early Morning Magic with limited admission to Magic Kingdom. I’m fairly certain they won’t find the sweet spot though.

From USA Today:

Disney Bans Larger Strollers and Loose Ice at Its Parks in California and Florida


Damn that loose ice. Thank God for that. We need ECV mitigation too. 🙂

From the Washington Post:

Here’s What Disneyland and Disney World’s New Star Wars Land Really Needs: A Bathroom Pass


I guess this is better than random people constantly pushing past you in line claiming to be rejoining their family.

From USA Today:

Walt Disney World’s PeopleMover injures guests seeking more than $15k in lawsuit


Is it strange that they waited four years to file a lawsuit?

From Inside the Magic:

“It’s been reported that Walt Disney World’s PeopleMover has injured two sets of tourists at Magic Kingdom after the carts crashed into each other on multiple incidents.”

WDW Avatar Rides Are Evacuated After Fire Alarm Goes off Amid Reports of a ‘Burning’ Smell


“Two rides at Disney World’s theme park in Florida have been temporarily shut down and evacuated after a fire alarm went off by mistake. ‘’

I think this has happened several times since the ride opened.

Read the original story here.

Walk Around the World Personalized Bricks Near Magic Kingdom to be Removed


Countdown until we see the “Man Arrested for Stealing Family Brick from Disney’s Walk Around the World.”

I think I’d go chisel mine out myself.

From WDW News Today:

Why Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Won’t Be as Crowded as You Think It Will Be


From Attractions Magazine:

“Looking at those comparisons, we come to this: A new Star Wars-themed land that is nearly as large as Hogsmeade, Diagon Alley and Pandora – The World of Avatar put together!”

Even with the size of the land itself, I still want to ride the attractions without four hours in line for each one.

Just being in the land isn’t enough for us. Enjoy those benches!

Fight in Epcot. Alcohol?


From Twitter:

“Hell yeah two grown men just got into a fight at Epcot directly in front of dozens of kids waiting to meet sombrero donald duck. that’s the magic of disney baby”

Does the alcohol make a difference, or does this happen anyway?